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I am a Vendor for an Upcoming Wedding

We can’t wait to work with you! Here’s a few things to know that might be helpful as you prepare for your first wedding here. 

Do not staple, glue, tack, or nail anything to our walls or fixtures
No confetti, glitter, rice, seeds, or fake flower petals are allowed inside or outside
No open flames (aside from candles in glass votives or sparklers outdoors)

Feel free to unload items in the front of the barn and then move your vehicle to the designated parking area. Do not drive on grass in the barn field. If you have questions about where to you can unload, find the on-site Venue Coordinator for more directions. 
Most wedding rental days are 12 hour rentals, however with some special situations, rental hours may be different based on each client agreement. Please speak to the client about what time you can arrive for setup. If you have trouble getting an answer from the client, feel free to reach out to the Venue Coordinator directly. We’re happy to help!

You are welcome to grab all the pictures and video of clients that you need, but here’s a few restrictions on where to take photos: don’t climb fences, open gates, or enter any areas with farm animals. The tree lined driveway is my favorite place for couple portraits, so be sure to hop in the car and drive up there with your clients for some pictures at some point during the day. 

We don’t have a commercial kitchen on site. A small refrigerator is located in the bridal suite and stocked with drinks for the bridal party (vendors are welcome to it, too!). 

Inside the barn, there is easy access to electrical outlets. Unless otherwise approved, you will have one circuit. If your system needs more power or you need access to more than a few outlets, please contact the Venue Coordinator at least 24 hours before the wedding begins. 
Most clients choose outdoor ceremonies. It’s wise to bring plenty of extension cords (or even a wireless sound system). We tell clients to let you know which ceremony spot they decide on and how far away it is, but the information isn’t always passed on. 

When the event is over, the client (and Vendors, if it’s part of your agreement with the client) is responsible for removing all food, trash, decorations, and personal belongings from the venue and property. Items cannot be left overnight for next-day pickup without prior approval from the venue staff. 

Ally Stockton

Lead event Coordinator

(859) 619-4644

I am Interested in Partnering for an Event

Photo Minis, Catering Tasting, Content Day, Styled Shoot, or anything else you’re dreaming of

We love partnering with other vendors in our community! For your event to be considered, send an email with all the details to 

Do you have a List of Recommended Vendors?

Yes! We love giving our clients all the help we can to make an informed decision about who they partner with in their wedding day. Currently, our vendor list is full but we reevaluate it regularly. Connect with us on social media and reach out with any questions. We love our vendor friends!