Ally is the one who will schedule your tour, meet with you through out the process, and is your point person for all things Hawks Nest Weddings. Her goal for the wedding barn is to create a beautiful and customizable space to have weddings and events to bring people together. Although the barn started as her dream, it’s quickly become a family affair with the help of her parents, grandparents, and husband, who are usually around on wedding days helping with whatever they can. 

We are a family owned and operated wedding and event barn located just between Lexington and Winchester. The Gwinn’s (Grandparents) purchased the farm in 2016 and their granddaughter, Ally, dreamed up creating a wedding barn with the most run down barn on the property. As the family got on board, her dad started renovating it and after a couple of years of weekend construction, they opened for business. 

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I'm obsessed with creating seamless wedding days so you can truly enjoy every second of it. I got to be a Hawks Nest bride during our first season in 2019, and I can truly say my wedding day was my favorite day ever. I hope you will too! 

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We hope and pray that your wedding day is a beautiful reflection of the rest of your life, and a day you look back on as your favorite day. 

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We care about how the details come together. There's so many unique ways to bring out personality and family history, and we cherish getting to style and design lovely weddings. 

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We believe in making the wedding day (and planning process) as easy as possible so you can truly enjoy every moment. 



We love watching moments shared through out a wedding day - to when a bride first lays eyes on her ceremony design coming to life to a packed dance floor to end the night. 

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We believe wedding days are holy days where a couple vows to love, honor, and cherish each other. It's our favorite part of the day, and the reason why we do this. We love beautiful weddings (a lot) but we really love beautiful marriages. 

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